• Soheila Sadegh

3 Great Reasons to Come to Our Spa

Here at Soleil Medical Spa, we want the very best and are interested in your well-being. At our spa, you can receive customized treatments based on how you feel. This experience is exciting and personal. You can come to us for a spa and receive a treatment with essential oils based on your immediate needs and desires. To give you the best service, our therapist carefully routines and procedures based on the information that you provide us with when you call us to book.

· Beauty

We're a medical spa that offers you minimally invasive medical procedures in a relaxed, spa-like environment. Our concept is to blend advanced skincare with the body and facial rejuvenation services in the relaxing atmosphere and convenience of a day spa. Before Medical Spas, the only access to these was through a doctor's office.

We offer non-surgical facelifts, laser treatments, tattoo removals, Botox, CoolSculpting, and other spa services like massage, body treatments, and facials. Take our messages; for example, you get numerous health benefits with it. Massages help calm the central nervous system, improve blood circulation, and help eliminate waste products.

· Weight Loss

Health and wellness are essential around the world for a reason. It's because a large percentage of adults around the world who are unhealthy are increasing. We're glad that more people are now interested in taking charge of and improving their health. Manufacturers are also reforming their products to eliminate or reduce the sugar, cholesterol, trans, and saturated fat and sodium content of the food. Our spa can also help with your weight loss and put you on the path to your ideal weight. Our Coolsculpting, for example, is a natural alternative that has been proven to clear and eliminate stubborn fat.

· Relieve Stress

Stress is terrible for your health. It impairs your mental and physical functions. Everybody is susceptible to stress. Our spa is an excellent place for you to come and rejuvenate yourself. You'll be able to relax and have a good time while working on your beauty. You'll discover that you're going home feeling way better than you did when you come in.

Here at Soleil Medical Spa, we offer you the best treatments, including everything from facials to other professional packages. You can look your best and rejuvenate your skin and self-confidence with us. You can find us at 7887 SW Capital Highway. Portland, OR 97219. Or give us a call on 503.244.7717. You can also leave us an email at we'll gladly get back to you.


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