• Soheila Sadegh

Common Skin Care Mistakes People Make Daily

Taking care of your skin is a good thing, and it’s particularly important for your outward appearance. But a lot of people do the wrong things in a bid to take care of their skin. We’ll be highlighting some of the common mistakes people make when it comes to skincare and how to remedy those errors to avoid any costly mistakes.

· Not caring to exfoliate, or excessively using too many exfoliating products.

The importance of exfoliating your skin cannot be overemphasized as it remains one of the best things you can do for your skin. You really don’t want those dead skin cells remaining on your body, right? That would obviously be very unhygienic.

Exfoliation is good but using too many products and chemicals on your skin too often can also have a devastating effect on it and even on your health. Aggressive exfoliation with certain chemicals can very easily lead to dehydration, inflammation, and in some cases, lead to the death of some healthy cells.

Avoid using too many exfoliating products too often as there is no need to try out every product in the market. Rather, use exfoliating scrubs more often.

· Forgetting to apply enough sunscreen on your face

Although this is a very common practice among people, it’s very wrong. You should never forget to apply your sunscreen. And don’t be it in a hurry; take your time and apply it generously on your body, particularly on your face and neck. Your skin will thank you for those few minutes spared on it. No matter the weather, whatever skin type you have, wherever you are, sunscreen is a must.

· Failing to use the right skin routine or using skincare products the wrong way

These habits are also very common, yet still very wrong. Not every product in the market is good for your skin. It’s best you find what works for you and stick to it. You should also find out which skincare routine is best for your skin type and age before going into it. Doing it the wrong way could easily damage your skin. The best thing you can do here is to seek assistance from professionals on what’s best for you.

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