• Soheila Sadegh

Health Benefits of a Good Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the oldest healing traditions across the world. That much is a simple fact. Massage therapy differs in terms of the different techniques applied during the massage. Young or old, people of all ages need a good body massage to relieve themselves of stress and different body ailments. A good massage is accompanied by the release of endorphins in the body system, which gives one that feeling of well-being.

· Treatment of stress-related conditions

Great massage therapy can help treat a lot of physical conditions that occur as a result of stress and overworking the body system. Some of the stress-related ailments that can be treated with a good body massage include anxiety and depression, tiredness and fatigue, muscle, back, shoulder and neck pain, headache, and migraine. It can also treat other repetitive stress injuries that occur when people involve themselves in very stressful activities.

· Relief from the physiological burden of stress

There are certain types of sicknesses that could easily bring about physical, mental, and emotional breakdown in the patient. Some of such sicknesses and conditions are cancer-related fatigue, sleep disorder, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. A good massage by a professional can help bring relief to patients suffering from such physiological burdens and also enhance medical treatment.

· Physical benefits

Some of the physical benefits that could be enjoyed from a good massage therapy with immediate effect are reduced muscle pressure, improved blood circulation, relaxation, and the reduction of stress hormones. There are other benefits like better flexibility and mobility of the joints, increased mental alertness, and a reduction in the level of anxiety. The physical results are manifested right from the massage parlor.

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