• Soheila Sadegh

Our Top Lockdown Skin Care Tips

Lockdown may have put a halt to our trips to the spa and luxury beauty treatments, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop taking care of your skin. If anything, we think that treating yourself to a good skin-care routine is actually the perfect way to keep yourself feeling fresh and confident and so take care of yourself mentally too. This is why we wanted to provide you all with our top skin care tips to help you feel rejuvenated and happy during lockdown.


This is absolutely vital if you want to keep your skin looking fresh, soft and healthy. We’d recommend investing in a brand that you feel works well with your skin type, and getting a different moisturiser for day and night (the night types are richer, as they are designed to be left on overnight for your skin to soak up all of the goodness that it provides).

Make sure you always thoroughly wash your face

Even if you’ve had a makeup-free day, make sure you keep washing your face thoroughly with a good quality cleanser. Even if you don’t feel like you’ve broken a sweat or applied any makeup at all that day, your skin is subject to more grime than you realise. So at the end of the day, always cleanse your pores and treat your face to a good scrub before bed. We’d also recommend using toner too, to keep your skin balanced and free of any nasty impurities.

Face masks are also a great way to unwind at the end of the day. However, make sure that you always choose a mask to suit your skin type. For example, charcoal masks are great for oily skin but not if your skin is prone to dryness.


Although you might not be prone to burning (lucky you!) you’d be amazed at the amount of damage that the sun can do to your skin. So we’d recommend that you always wear sun cream, even if it’s a low factor, before you sunbathe. You’ll still tan, but the suncream will protect your skin from any lasting damage from the sun.

The tips are designed to be ideas that you can easily integrate into your daily routine and help your skin look flawless, effortlessly! Although it might be hard if you feel like you’ve woken up with dry skin or a bad spot, we think that everyone should be confident and happy in their own skin, going without wearing makeup and opting for a stunning natural look. At Soleil Medical Spa, we’re an Oregon-based spa specialising in luxurious beauty treatments. While we’re still not able to open up and provide clients with our gorgeous treatments in person, if you can’t wait to visit us, have a look on our website, and check out our fabulous products and services.


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