• Soheila Sadegh


We are always so thankful that we live where we do. Multnomah Village is a quaint and charming community, with a historic feel and lots of amazing fellow independent businesses. Plus, we have access to all of this on our doorstep while still being just a few minutes from the busy center - best of both worlds! We always receive visitors and tourists who have come to check out “the village in the heart of Portland,” and so this is why we wanted to spotlight a few of the amazing shops, restaurants and hotspots our village has to offer.

At Soleil, we’re all about treating yourself to life’s finer things. We love being able to treat our customers to luxurious, indulgent treatments that leave their mind and body feeling reawakened. We apply this ethos to everything we do as individuals too, especially our food.

We’re very lucky to have a fantastic array of outstanding restaurants in our neighbourhood. There were so many to choose from, but in this week’s spotlight blog post, we wanted to showcase Tastebud; a divine pizza restaurant that is a firm favorite in Multnomah Village.

The team at Tastebud are all about delivering on fresh, delicious food of a superb quality. They started out as a family farm. Then, after building an oven on the farm, they soon began experimenting with baking bread, bagels and pizzas, then selling them in Portland’s gorgeous open-air markets. This new-found passion soon led to a big red catering truck, which then eventually led to their first proper base for their restaurant venture. When it comes to this journey, we think that they put it perfectly: ‘like most good things, Tastebud is built on a community of friends, family and farmers.’

Now, the Tastebud team invite their loyal band of diners to sit back, relax and indulge in one of their delicious wood-fired pizzas amidst this charming and sophisticated interior. Their pizzas showcase Oregon’s seasonal flavors and they use their local area as a point of great inspiration for their dishes. These include ‘Springs first pizza’, topped with nettle, roasted potato, green garlic, Piedmontese toma, ricotta. Or their testaments to Seafood Week, with delicious menu additions like snails, clams, seaweed focaccia and shrimp pizza.

Although the dining room might still be closed for now, Tastebud are now offering pre-ordered pizzas to-go!

While you’re visiting Multnomah, make the most out of your trip with one of our spa’s luxurious state of the art treatments. Our treatments are the perfect way to brighten your skin, refresh your mind and body alike, and leave you feeling absolutely stunning in your own skin. So, if you’d like to learn more about our gorgeous treatment packages, just call us for your free consultation.


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