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Vendor Spotlight – Elite Dental Care

For us at Soleil Medical Spa, your general well-being is some concern, and we’ll be recommending one of Portland’s top dental clinics to you. Elite Dental Care is located at 1600 Southwest Cedar Hills Boulevard, Suite 110 Portland. We will be showcasing them in today’s vendor spotlight series.

· What makes their works unique among competitors?

Elite Dental Care is owned by Dr. Bita Zavari, who happens to be a mom, a wife, a dentist, and an OHSU consultant. What makes her work unique is her passion for dentistry and her methods of treatment.

She is quite open to the latest advancement in general and cosmetic dentistry and regularly improve her skills by attending modern dental courses and also being informed of, and applying the latest dental techniques and equipment on her patients.

Dr. Zavari and her team of dental professionals are known for providing patients with some of the world’s best dental care. Their individualized, comprehensive and customized dental treatment approach makes them unique and easily the best.

· What kind of Dental services do they carry out at Elite Dental Care?

Elite Dental Care offers a lot of dental services to their patients for both prevention and general dentistry. Some of these services include the use of clear braces, also known as Invisalign. This kind of treatment leaves your teeth healthier and in a shorter time than the traditional treatment.

Patients no longer have to be forced to put on the traditional metal braces. They also diagnose and treat sleep apnea in their patients to ensure quality sleep time. They carry out permanent dental implants with superior stability and functionality.

Other services include dental sedation, cosmetic dentistry, and general dentistry. A visit to Elite Dental Care assures you of a lifetime of quality oral health, which also has a spillover effect on your general well-being.

· How do they achieve patient’s quality time at the dentist’s office?

Dr. Zavari always strives to maintain a lasting and friendly relationship with her patients which makes them comfortable and open to necessary treatments or care for their teeth.

From the moment you call to schedule an appointment with them, you will be entertained with a warm welcome from her friendly staff, a variety of patient entertainment, and state-of-the-art technology.

At the end of a visit to Elite Dental care, you will surely feel like you were just hanging out with friends rather than at the Dentist’s office. With the patients being kept at ease, they will have a quality time and receive quality treatment. Patients no longer have to dread their appointment with the dentist anymore. Rather, you get a spa-inspired experience.

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