Soleil Medical Spa offers non-surgical solutions to help you feel confident, look refreshed & youthful by utilizing the very latest technology in aesthetic rejuvenation.

EmSculpt is a revolutionary treatment capable of toning muscle and burning fat. This non-invasive treatment uses electromagnetic energy to contract the muscle. One thirty minute session is equivalent to 20,000 contractions! Studies have shown a 15% muscle gain with a 20% reduction in fat.

It is recommended to start out with a series of four treatments, performed weekly.  Each treatment area requires a 30 minute session and can be performed on many areas of the body such as abdominals, buttocks, thighs, arms, and calves. While muscle soreness is common after the treatment, the treatment is pain free and has no down time.

Please inform your aesthetician of any body jewelry, implants, or any other metal based devices. 

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